Hailing from a Kiwi-Arab (Sudanese) background, Shamim Kassibawi is a┬ápublicist turned serial entrepreneur and appreneur. She has over a decade worth of public relation skills and has led successful media campaigns for various industries including Healthcare, FMCG, Aviation, Lifestyle, and many more.   Shamim possess a strong network and database of key external stakeholders, media, […]

Tamar Miller is a veteran retail executive and the founder and CEO of Bells & Becks, the best source for discovering distinctive European luxury shoes for the modern woman. Prior to Bells & Becks, Tamar was Head of Digital Merchandising for leading brands such as Banana Republic and Old Navy. She developed extensive footwear expertise […]

Vanessa is responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction for Fluid.┬áPrior to becoming CEO, Vanessa was the Chief Client Officer for Fluid for 4 years, managing all of our client relationships and the delivery of our services and solutions. Vanessa has deep experience in Retail and eCommerce, as well as Financial Services, Telecommunications, Publishing […]

Alison Cork is a serial entrepreneur, broadcaster and writer. Over the past twenty years she has built up the Alison at Home Group of homes and interiors businesses, spanning publishing, online retail, design, licensing and TV shopping. Prior to that she co-founded a publishing company which floated in 1994, making her one of the youngest […]